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Ready for you to view as of 8/14/22

Andrew and I are lucky to have everything we need. We also thought of a few things that would be fun to have as we build our life together - and that would be delightful to associate with our friends, family, and this special day.
If you'd like to get us a gift, use the information linked below.

Virginia & Andrew's Registries

We are registered at Fiestaware, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and REI. You can view the full list on ""

To view items on the original site, click on them! This allows you to make contributions to a group gift if desired.

You will also see options for charitable giving. We've selected a few organizations that we want to support, so feel free to choose this option instead of a gift!

Reach out to Virginia if you are having trouble accessing, or have questions!

What kind of things are in there?

Household items - Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Fiestaware
Adventure items - REI
Charitable Giving - Girls on the Run Puget Sound, Washington Trails Association, and Northwest Harvest

Where will gifts go?

All gifts will be sent to our house in Seattle. That way, no one has to worry about getting things anywhere on an airplane! This is already set up via the registry websites.

Want to do something a little different?

If you have a different idea, or would like to contribute towards a specific memory-making event (like dinner on our honey moon), go for it! Again, it's your call :)

Registry Options: FAQ
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